How to dispose of leaves

Every year when the leaves start falling, our street cleaning crews clear away hundreds of tonnes of leaves from pavements and roads.

Many of these leaves fall naturally in these areas but please don’t blow or rake the leaves from your property or driveway into the street or gutter, as they can block storm water drains. When leaves go into storm drains, they clog the pipes and this may cause street flooding.

Report It online

Did you know you can report an issue, request services from us and carry out transactions online, from the comfort of your home, or wherever you have an internet connection?

How much is too much?

We know that drinking too much alcohol is bad for our health, but one glass of wine or beer after work can easily turn into two or three. Before you know it, you could be drinking the weekly recommendation in just one or two nights.

This week is Alcohol Awareness Week and it’s great opportunity to think about your drinking habits and how you can make small changes.