Proposed changes to licensing of taxi and private hire vehicles to protect children

Last night’s Community Services Committee agreed to a six week public consultation to consider changes to the current taxi and private hire licensing policy. The proposed changes include the adoption of a new taxi and private hire convictions policy and mandatory Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) awareness training for all drivers. This will be supported by an awareness campaign to reinforce safety messages to all taxi users.

Help tackle terrorism

Terrorist attacks can occur at any time or place without warning. The police rely on all of us to be their eyes and ears and to help keep ourselves, families and local communities safe, by looking out for suspicious activity or behaviour and reporting it to the police, in confidence.

Government consults on the way housing need is calculated

A government consultation has just started which sets out how local councils, such as Tandridge, should plan to develop the right number of homes in the right places. The proposal outlines a simpler and clearer system so local communities can more easily understand the scale of the housing challenge in their area.