Next phase of development about to start at the former gasholder site in Oxted.

In addition, utilities such as gas, water and electricity will be installed. As a result, people living or working near the site may hear increased levels of noise between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and from 8am to 1pm on some Saturdays. There will also be an increase in traffic in the area.

To enable deliveries to be made safely to the site, there will be parking bay suspensions in place along Station Road East and Johnsdale Road. This will allow HGVs to enter and leave the site safely and will reduce the risk of damage to vehicles parked in those bays.

There is no longer gas on the site as all essential gas equipment has been relocated, but occasionally people may notice some smells as the next phase of groundworks begins.  

St William Homes, the owner of the site, is working with a range of specialists at every stage of the development to ensure the safety of people living nearby and their workers.


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