Look out for your poll card for the European Parliamentary Elections

We have just sent poll cards to every resident eligible to vote in the European Parliamentary Elections on Thursday 23 May.

The poll card will tell you:

• The date of the election.
• The region you are voting for.
• Where your polling station is.
• When the polling station is open (7am to 10pm).

You don’t need to take the poll card with you to be able to vote. Just go along to your polling station on Thursday 23 May and give your name and address to the clerk. You will be given a ballot paper with the list of people you can vote for.

If you don’t know where your polling station is, or if you have not received a poll card and you think you should, please e-mail

Register to vote by 7 May
Anyone who wants to be able to vote and have their say on 23 May must be registered to vote by 7 May. Visit to register.

It is now too late to register to vote in the district and parish council elections on Thursday 2 May as the registration deadline was 12 April.

Postal votes
Applications to apply for a postal vote must be received by 5pm on 8 May.

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