Help stop flytipping in Surrey

Help stop flytipping in Surrey

Are you having work done on your home this summer? Did you know your construction waste is your responsibility, even if you pay a company to take it away for you? You could be prosecuted if your waste is found somewhere it shouldn’t be, so it’s vital you make sure they don’t flytip it.

Flytipping costs councils money to clear up and damages the environment, so it’s important we all do what we can to help stamp it out.

  • Make sure your trader will dispose of waste responsibly before employing them, visit to find out how to check they’re a registered waste carrier.
  • Be wary of traders you find online or that knock on your front door.

Flytippers face an unlimited fine, their vehicle being crushed, community service, or even a prison sentence.

To find out more or report any flytipping you see visit

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