Housing Strategy approved

Tuesday night’s Housing Committee approved the Housing Strategy “A place to call home”, which sets out how the Council will meet the district’s current and anticipated housing challenges for the next five years.

The Council widely consulted on the draft Housing Strategy over several months through a formal public consultation process and a series of workshops with resident representatives, partners, stakeholders and elected members. The feedback from the extensive consultation was used to shape the strategy and develop the final version of the document adopted on the 15 January.

The three priorities the strategy addresses are how the Council will:

  1. Build the homes needed.
  2. Improve the quality and use of existing housing stock.
  3. Meet the housing needs of the district’s most vulnerable households.

Councillor Nick Childs, Chair of the Housing Committee, said “The adoption of this strategy is a significant step as everyone should have the chance to live in their own home and be part of a vibrant community. It’s vital we create affordable homes so local people of all ages can continue to live in our district.

The consultation has included input from our residents, councillors, partners and stakeholders to develop and shape the strategy and we are determined to continue to work with our partners across all sectors, to deliver these homes. This strategy will ensure the district has a range of sizes and types of property, including affordable housing both to rent and to buy, to suit everyone’s needs.”

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