New wheeled bins for rubbish

Last night’s Community Services Committee agreed the introduction of a new wheeled bin collection service for rubbish. The new edge of property service will be brought in during autumn 2019. There are no changes planned for the existing recycling or food collection services.

The move to a full wheeled bin and edge of property collection has been agreed following recommendations from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The Council has been advised by the HSE the current back door service and lack of refuse bin provision puts the recycling and waste collectors at increased risk of injury.

A free, grey, 180 litre refuse bin will be delivered to every home in the district and residents will need to put out their bin at the edge of their property on collection day. The recycling collection is already a wheeled bin, edge of property service.

Assisted collections will be available to households where there are no residents physically able to move the wheeled bins. Residents will also be able to request a smaller or larger bin as appropriate.


56% of material residents put in their rubbish bins could be recycled and the Council is keen to encourage more homeowners to recycle more - full information is available at If residents fill up their blue recycling bin collected fortnightly, additional recycling bins can be ordered and delivered free.

Councillor Patrick Cannon, Chair of the Community Services Committee, said: “Moving to a full wheeled bin service will not only help provide a clear and consistent approach to our collection service, it will also safeguard the safety of our contractors. The roll out is still some time away, but we want to give people plenty of opportunity to prepare for the change and also encourage residents to consider whether items they currently throw away as rubbish could be recycled. There is lots of information about recycling available on the Council’s website.”

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