Recycle your clothes and bag a saving

Recycle your clothes and bag a saving

Clothes and home textiles can easily be recycled and doing so could save up to £4 million a year, as it costs more to dispose of them than to recycle them. If recycled, they are either reused in the UK or abroad or turned into new products.

To recycle clothes and home textiles, make sure they’re clean and dry and put them in a standard-sized carrier bag next to your green food caddy for collection each week. You can also take them to a recycling bank or a community recycling centre. Visit or for more information or download the Recycle for Surrey app.

All clothes and home textiles including boots, backpacks, blankets, hats, pairs of gloves, scarves, tights and bras can be recycled. Stuffed items like pillows, cushions and quilts cannot be recycled and neither can clothes and home textiles left in bin bags, untied carrier bags or recycling bins.

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