Have your say on 3 May

Have your say on 3 May

To be able to vote in elections you must be on the Electoral Register. If you are already registered to vote and your details haven't changed, you don't need to re-register. If you've never registered to vote, or have recently moved house, register now at To vote in the local elections on 3 May, you need to do this by Tuesday 17 April.

If you can’t make it to your polling station on 3 May, you can apply to vote by post. You will have to complete the form on the Your Vote Matters website and send it back to the council before 5pm on 18 April 2018.  

If you wish to vote by proxy you will need to visit the website and download the correct application form, depending on your reason. Applications to vote by proxy must be received by the council before 5pm on Wednesday 25 April 2018. 

For more information on how you can vote in these local elections, visit the Your Vote Matters website. 

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