Committee will be given update on Local Plan preparation

Committee will be given update on Local Plan preparation

Next week’s Planning Policy Committee will be given an update about the extensive work being done to prepare the Local Plan, as well as the Statement of Consultation report regarding the Local Plan: Garden Villages Consultation during which over 2,800 responses were received.

The extensive work to gather evidence about the potential location for the garden village for the Tandridge district is ongoing. Three potential locations are still being considered and the Committee will be provided with a breakdown for each broad location based on the evidence collected so far. An up to date position on factors such as land availability and the location’s ability to deliver the infrastructure gains like roads, schools, and health facilities to benefit the whole district are set out in the report.

For all three broad locations more transport and air quality modelling needs to be done to fully understand the potential to deliver around 4,000 homes.

For the South Godstone broad location, delivery would rely on an upgrade to Godstone railway station and improvements to the A22.

Current evidence regarding the Blindley Heath broad location suggests there is not enough land available to deliver the number of homes needed.

In the case of the Redhill Aerodrome broad location, its delivery would rely on a new junction off the M23 which has not been agreed by government and this means there is uncertainty that the location could contribute to the Council’s plan period to 2033. The Council set out these concerns in response to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s Development Management Plan which seeks to safeguard this location for future development. This Council will continue to work closely with Reigate & Banstead under the Duty to Cooperate.

No formal recommendation will be given about the location of the garden village until all the extensive evidence gathering, which is still ongoing is complete and this work will continue for all three potential broad locations. The Committee will be asked to note the evidence gathered to date, but no decisions will be taken.

In addition, the Council has now published its Statement of Consultation in which it details the analysis work of the submissions made during the Local Plan: Garden Villages Consultation which took place between 14 August and 9 October 2017.

The main feedback included:

  • The need for infrastructure in each of the potential locations.
  • While some respondents supported the vision of a garden village, there were concerns it may not be enough to address the planning issues facing Tandridge while others strongly felt there was no need for a garden village.
  • Some identified the need and showed support for more new and affordable homes.
  • Some highlighted the role of good design and sustainable building practices and others voiced the need to protect the Green Belt.
  • There were also concerns regarding flood risk and the impact of development on the landscape and environment.

The Council will carefully consider the comments received and review the Vision, Objectives and Principles of the garden village, as the plan process progresses. No quantitative analysis has taken place to identify how many people supported or opposed a particular location. The full Statement will be available to view on the website at

The committee will also be updated about the Local Development Scheme 2018 which sets out the timetable for the preparation and adoption of the Local Plan. In the summer there will be another public consultation about the Council’s final draft of the plan, known as the Regulation 19, before it is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination by the end of the year.

Peter Bond, Chairman of the Planning Policy Committee, said: “This is a significant milestone in our obligation to deliver a sustainable and robust Local Plan, which will deliver the new and affordable homes, roads, schools, and health facilities our district needs. The garden village is also the best way of safeguarding our Green Belt land which accounts for 94% of the district. By releasing around 1% we will still have the highest proportion of Green Belt land of any council in the country. We do acknowledge the garden village is a bold strategy and will not be supported by all, but we firmly believe it is the best way to deliver the homes and infrastructure we need to create new jobs and secure a successful future for existing residents, their children and grandchildren.”  

Statement of Consultation.

Number of Views: 1715