Help save £3 million a year

Help save £3 million a year


Did you know that recycling your food waste through your collection service rather than putting it in your rubbish bin will help save over £3 million a year? That’s because it costs less than half to recycle food waste than it does to dispose of it.

All food waste is collected from most homes in Surrey every week on the same day as your rubbish or recycling. Using plastic bags or liners is the cleanest and easiest way to deal with it – either for lining your kitchen caddy, or for bagging up smelly food and putting it straight into your outside food waste bin. All types of plastic bags can be used, including old shopping bags, pedal bin liners and bread or cereal bags, but please don’t use black bin bags.

To find out more about your weekly food waste collection, contact your local district or borough council or go to

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