Recycling banks to be removed from some car parks

Over the summer, paper, card and bottle recycling banks are being removed from some car parks in the Tandridge district.

As residents have fortnightly recycling collections and there is no limit to how much recycling a resident puts out, additional banks in car parks are no longer needed.

There are also problems with people vandalising the banks, or leaving other rubbish beside them, which is flytipping and is a criminal offence. By removing these banks, the Council will save £50,000 a year on maintenance costs and expenses related to flytipping removal.

Residents can put excess recycling in a clear plastic bag beside their recycling bin on their fortnightly collection day. If they regularly have too much recycling, they can order another free recycling bin. Residents can also put textiles, batteries and small electrical items in tied carrier bags and put them next to their bin on their scheduled weekly collection day.

Private businesses and traders are using these recycling banks even though they are supposed to have a commercial waste contract to dispose of their waste. Businesses do not pay for waste collection through their business rates and not all businesses even pay business rates. Households pay for waste collection through their council tax.

Chair of Community Services, Councillor Jackie Wren, said: “Every week, I am contacted about vandalism and flytipping problems at recycling banks in car parks. Removing these banks will save the Council £50,000 a year on maintenance and flytipping removal costs and free up car park spaces. The savings will allow the Council to maintain essential services.

We’ve made it easy and convenient for residents to recycle as much as they can. Instead of making a trip to the local car park, residents can simply put their recycling in the bin provided and have it collected fortnightly from the edge of their home. Plus, residents can even order another recycling bin for free.

To check what can be recycled please visit our website at”

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