Annual Canvass – have you confirmed your details?

We have recently written to every home in the district, asking them to check the right people are on the Electoral Register and able to vote in the next local elections in May 2023, a process known as the Annual Canvass.

It’s really important we have this information, so we are writing again to residents we need to hear from who haven’t responded yet. If you receive a letter or e-mail, please respond straight away, it will only take a couple of minutes to respond.

Some households won’t need to provide a response and the e-mail or letter we sent will confirm if that’s the case.

If we haven’t heard from residents who need to provide a response, we will be contacting them by phone and by visiting them at home, so we can get this important information. We will not ask you for any financial information and our representatives will have identification and they won’t ask to come into your home. If in doubt, please call Customer Services on 01883 722000.

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