Council bid to regenerate Caterham

The Council has submitted a bid for £8.7million of funding through the government’s Levelling Up Fund to regenerate Caterham.

If the application is successful, the funding will deliver much needed investment in Caterham Valley town centre and Caterham on the Hill, providing regeneration of both areas, including:

•    Flood alleviation measures which will tackle the impact of flooding on residents and businesses.
•    A shop front grant scheme to encourage retailers and restaurants to upgrade their shop fronts and to foster a sense of identity and greater pride in the area.
•    Improvements to Croydon Road, Station Avenue, Godstone Road and Caterham on the Hill high street, including renewed paving, more space for pedestrians and cyclists and larger shared open spaces for the public.
•    Environmental benefits, including charging points for electric vehicles, planting more trees and greenery and introducing rain gardens. 
•    Improved signage to and information about local cultural areas and green spaces.
•    Improved safety and lighting for Waller Lane, which provides a quiet route for pedestrians between Caterham on the Hill and Caterham Valley.

These changes would encourage more people to the area, boosting the local economy, making Caterham more competitive and attractive for future business investment and a place more people will want to visit, work and live in. 

This application for funding builds on the work the Council has already done to regenerate Caterham Valley town centre, including the purchase and refurbishment of Quadrant House on Croydon Road, which now includes space for start-up local businesses.

The support of local businesses and the community has been vital in getting to this point, as has the Council’s close work with Surrey County Council and the Caterham Business Improvement District.
Leader of the Council, Councillor Catherine Sayer, said: "The funding is crucial to attract investment, to help local businesses, to alleviate the long-standing flooding problems, to provide better infrastructure and to improve the quality of residents’ lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to do all that and to deliver a vibrant commercial and community hub, tailored to the needs of local people, to visitors and to investors.” 

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