Financial help towards the rising cost of living

We have just launched two government funded schemes for residents to help ease the financial pressure from the rising cost of living.

 1.   [UPDATE: This scheme has now stopped as the funding allocation has been met]  Anyone aged 16 to 65 years old, or turned 66 after 1 April 2022 can apply online to the Tandridge Household Support Fund for up to £300 in food vouchers. This is not a loan and once all the funds have been allocated, we will close the application process. You can apply online. You’ll need your National Insurance number, bank account details, address and proof of any benefits you are claiming.

2.    If you were 66 years or over on 1 April 2022 your household is entitled to a £150 grant. This grant is not a loan, does not need to be repaid and is in addition to the £150 council tax energy rebate. Eligible residents can claim this grant, even if you own your home or have savings. You can claim the grant online at. You’ll need your National Insurance number, date of birth, bank account details and address.

Once your form has been submitted, we will check you are eligible and make a payment within ten working days.

For more information about the fund, eligibility and to claim your grant or apply for food vouchers.

We have also created a dedicated webpage with advice and support to help residents who are facing financial difficulties.

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