Don’t forget to register to vote to have your say in local elections

On Thursday 5 May residents will be voting for who should represent them in the district elections.

Please make sure if you are eligible to vote, you are registered to vote, if you are not already, by 11.59pm on Thursday 14 April. It is quick and easy to register, please complete an online application form on the website.

Voting in person

On Thursday 5 May, polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm and are Covid-safe places to vote.

Your polling card will tell you which polling station you visit to cast your vote, or you can check the ‘where are the polling stations’ on our website. Just enter your postcode and it will give you the address of your polling station.

Voting by post or by proxy

There are other ways to vote if you can’t vote in person or would prefer not to.

To find out more about the election and how you can vote, please visit our website at, or the Electoral Commission’s at

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