Have your say about the Council’s budget for 2022-2023

The Strategy & Resources Committee on 2 December 2021 noted the Council’s draft budget for 2022-2023 and Medium Term Financial Strategy. 

Despite a number of financial challenges, we anticipate we will set a balanced budget once we have the final details of our funding award from the government. There is currently a £0.3m overspend, which we will use up to £0.2m of our reserves to cover. 

To enable us to set a balanced budget, we have:

  • Identified £1.5m of unavoidable revenue cost and funding pressures.
  • Identified £1.1m of savings across three areas: 
    • £0.6m from people and enabling services eg achieved by budget underspends from staffing turnover, as well as a review of the back office functionality.
    • £0.2m from service efficiency eg achieved by reducing the cost of the Council Offices by leasing more of the building and improving commercial value from external contracts. 
    • £0.3m from fees and charges eg achieved by reviewing support costs and fees and charges. 
  • Maintained a contingency (£0.1m) to allow for any additional costs throughout the year. 

When considering setting the 2022/2023 revenue budget, we have ensured we will deliver services within available resources by implementing a corporate transformation programme to review all services and challenge what and how is delivered.

We are inviting residents to give their views on the budget by 12pm on 1 February.

You can have your say on the budget by e-mailing, or writing to Budget Consultation, Tandridge District Council, Council Offices, 8 Station Road East, Oxted RH8 0BT by 12pm on 1 February 2022.

More detailed budgets for each committee will shortly be published and these will be considered at the Community Services Committee on 18 January, Planning Policy Committee on 20 January, Housing Committee on 25 January and Strategy & Resources Committee on 1 February.

Any comments on the draft revenue and capital budget will be fed into the final budget and council tax setting report for the Strategy & Resources Committee in February and approved by Full Council in February.

Number of Views: 432