Don't ignore serious health conditions

Don't ignore serious health conditions

South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) is urging people not to ignore the signs of serious health problems due to being worried about calling 999 and having to go to hospital.

SECAMB is available to patients in serious need and is responding well to 999 calls across its region. Ambulance crews are attending patients safely, while protecting themselves and others. Any follow up treatment required at hospital will also be carried out following strict procedures to protect patients.

If you think someone is suffering from one of the following, dial 999 for an ambulance:

  • Heart attack (e.g. chest pain for more than 15 minutes).
  • Stroke.
  • Sudden unexplained shortness of breath.
  • Heavy bleeding.
  • Unconsciousness (even if they have regained consciousness).
  • Traumatic back/spinal/neck pain.

You should also call for an ambulance if:

  • You think the persons illness or injury is life-threatening.
  • You think the illness or injury may become worse, or even life-threatening on the way to the hospital.
  • The person needs the skills or equipment of the ambulance service and paramedics.

If anyone needs urgent medical advice on something which isn’t an emergency, they should use the NHS 111 online service. If you cannot get help online, call 111.

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