Bin collections – help your crew to help you

Bin collections – help your crew to help you

Did you know there are six easy ways you can help your crew to keep things moving?

1. Reduce and reuse

  • Create less waste by using an alternative reusable item or use something again instead of throwing it away. For tips, visit Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Only buy food you need. Freeze food if you can’t eat it before the use by date. Cook or freeze leftovers rather than throw food away. Visit the recipe page and food shopping apps page for ideas.

2. Recycle it right

  • Get recycling-savvy. Use the Surrey Recycles search tool to find out what goes where and don’t forget to download the app to your smartphone.
  • Make more room in your recycling bin – flatten and fold cardboard, wash and squash plastic.
  • If you’d like an additional free recycling bin, visit

3. Get composting

4. Make it easy to collect

  • Put your bins out early and leave them out until they’ve been emptied – sometimes the usual collection time will change.
  • Be considerate when parking your car on a collection day, this will help collection vehicles to access your road more easily.

5. Care for your crew

  • Make sure your bin lids are firmly closed to help prevent crews unnecessarily touching them.
  • Wash your hands before and after touching your bin.
  • Give your crew a smile or wave to let them know you appreciate their hard work. Or get arty – we’ve seen some bin-spirational thank you messages on wheelie bins and caddies! Send yours to us at

6. Keep your clear out stuff

  • The Community Recycling Centres have closed and not all recycling banks are being emptied, so please keep extra waste for when services return to normal.
  • Don’t leave any unwanted clothes, shoes or household goods outside charity shops or next to recycling banks. This is fly-tipping which is illegal and you could be fined up to £50,000 or even imprisoned.
  • Please don’t burn it either! Even just a few bonfires lit at the same time in one area can cause a lot of smoke and make it harder to breathe, especially for people with coronavirus.

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