Council agrees district council tax increase for 2020/2021

Last week’s Council meeting agreed an increase of £5 a year for a Band D property in Tandridge District Council’s share of the council tax for 2020/2021. The meeting also agreed the Council’s budget for next year.

The Council’s share of Band D council tax will increase to £220.98, which is just under £4.25 a week and will help pay for a wide range of vital services like recycling and waste collections, developing town centres, parks and open spaces and supporting our most vulnerable residents.  

Surrey County Council, which provides services including schools, adult social care, children services, roads, fire and rescue and libraries, together with the Office of the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner, both increased their Band D level for 2020/2021.

Surrey County Council has agreed an overall council tax rise, including social care, of 3.99% in 2020/21, while the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner agreed an increase of 3.84%.

This year’s total band D council tax will be £2,003.01 this is an increase of 3.8%, which is divided among the different organisations as follows:

 Authority  2019/2020   2020/2021   Increase 
Tandridge District Council  £215.98  £220.98  2.32%
Surrey County Council  £1,453.50  £1,511.46  3.99% including adult social care
Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner  £260.57  £270.57  3.84%


This Band D figure does not include parish precepts, which will vary across the district. An average increase across the district including parish precepts is 2.14%.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Tony Elias, said: “Like every other council, Tandridge is expected to become financially self-sufficient at a time when demand for services continues to increase. As we set our budget for this council, we must continue to strive to deliver services for our residents in an efficient and effective way. This level of council tax will help us in that aim. 

I am pleased to say we have been able to continue protecting the council tax support scheme, whereby those who cannot afford it are spared this additional burden on their finances. The scheme costs this council well over £500,000 a year and is the right thing to do."

We have also published council tax bands for the Tandridge district for 2020/2021 (including Parish Precept) and a summary of how we plan to spend our 2020/2021 budget.

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