Our online services

Our online services

Instead of picking up the phone, did you know there are other ways you can use our services, report issues or find up to date information?

If you need to report something that needs to be fixed, cleaned or changed, or make a request, you can do so using our Report Forms.

To find our Report it forms visit

You can be kept up to date on a range of subjects by signing up to one, or all, of the following e-newsletters:

  • Our weekly news and events which includes the week’s news stories and upcoming events in the district.
  • Our recycling and rubbish collections e-newsletter lets you know if there are delays to your waste collection and when we will return.
  • Our monthly business newsletter, providing information for businesses on training, funding, grants, sponsorship opportunities and more.
  • Our newsletters keeping residents up to date on the Local Plan, Caterham and north Tandridge Regeneration and Planning Committee recommendations and decisions.

Sign up by visiting and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please fill in our contact form. You can also e-mail

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