Don’t be a victim of online fraud

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest online shopping events of the year, but this comes with the danger of online fraud. During peak online shopping periods, online fraudsters are more likely to take advantage of consumers by using fake e-mails, fraudulent websites or using unsecured information for identity fraud. 

By taking a few precautions, online shoppers can remain safe online by:

  • Checking website names – only buy from websites you know and trust.
  • Be wary of spelling mistakes in e-mails or on websites, this can indicate a hastily created website or a website that is not legitimate.
  • Looking for the padlock symbol in the address bar of websites and check the domain name to ensure there's an 's' on the end of 'http' which indicates the site is secure.
  • Using two-factor authorisation (2FA) when buying online, one-off codes sent by text message, to the phone number registered to the account or security questions to verify your identity, logging into your mobile banking app, or a fingerprint scan.
  • Avoiding using public Wi-Fi as fraudsters can use unsecured Wi-Fi to gain access to your information.
  • Looking out for suspicious e-mails – if you're not sure or don't trust the source of an e-mail, don't click on any links you find in it.

Above all, stop and think before you click. Always give yourself enough time to make a good decision and don't make it easy for online fraudsters.

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