Rough sleepers in Tandridge

Tandridge District Council and Surrey Police work together to help rough sleepers find somewhere to stay and reduce any impact on the wider community.

While rough sleeping in Tandridge is rare, outreach services need to be contacted when it does happen. If you are concerned about someone you think is sleeping rough, please report it through Streetlink at or call 0300 500 0914. The more information you can provide the better, for example a description of the person, the time and location where you saw them or where you believe them to be sleeping.

Streetlink will liaise with the local outreach team, ESOS and someone will go out and visit the person who has been reported to see how they can help them get into suitable accommodation.

Most people sleeping rough are pleased to be given support to find accommodation, but some are not willing to accept or don’t want help. The outreach team will keep trying to offer help, but they cannot remove someone or their belongings from the streets, unless they are preventing the local community going about their business, or if there are serious public health concerns. If this situation does happen, please contact the Council on 01883 722000 or e-mail

If you have a crime or anti-social behaviour to report, please call 101 or visit the Surrey Police website for help and advice.

Please only contact the emergency services if you think someone requires urgent medical attention, or a crime is in progress, in which case you should call 999.

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