Have your say about council services survey

Almost 2,500 households have been randomly selected to take part in a survey about Tandridge District Council services. 
The 'Have your say about council services' questionnaire will help the Council find out what residents think about the services the council provides, the area they live and how well the Council communicates with them to see where improvements could be made. 

In addition, this survey asks questions about:

  • How residents make use of the parks and open spaces and what improvements they would like to see to enhance people’s enjoyment of these spaces. 
  • Local polling stations and how convenient these are for voters.

A copy of the survey is also available on the website
Councillor Tony Elias, Leader of the Council, said: “We want to know how residents feel about the services we provide. Keeping residents and businesses informed is very important and we want to make sure we get it right. If you get a survey form, please do take the time to fill it in. Your views are important to us.”

Number of Views: 220