The next phase of development starting at Courtyard Gardens in Oxted

St William have asked us to advise businesses and residents in the Oxted area, of the piling works which will start from next week at Courtyard Gardens, the former gasholder site in Oxted. To be able to start this piling work, two vehicles carrying a piling rig and a crane will arrive at the site on Friday 28 June and on Monday 1 July at 6.30am. 

Each vehicle will access the site via Johnsdale around 6.30am on both mornings. The piling rig will be delivered on Friday 28 June and the crane will arrive on Monday 1 July. The aim is that the vehicles will then leave the site by 8am, to reduce the impact on the local road network. Our Environmental Health team have approved the exceptional request made by St William to allow earlier access than normal to the site on these two mornings. 

From 1 July, St William’s appointed contractor Sheet Piling UK, will carry out the sheet piling work for around six weeks. In August, the contactor Franki Foundations will carry out the bearing piling work for a further six to eight weeks.

As a result of these works, people local to the site may hear increased levels of noise and vibration while the piling work is being carried between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and from 8am to 1pm on some Saturdays. There will also be an increase in the number of people working at the site.

There is no longer gas on the site as all essential gas equipment has been relocated, but occasionally people may notice some smells as the next phase of groundworks begins.  

For any questions about this next phase of development please e-mail


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