Stoptober is here to help you quit smoking

Stoptober is here to help you quit smoking

Did you know if you stop smoking for 28 days you are five times more likely to be able to stay quit for good? So if you’re a smoker or know someone who smokes October is a great time to quit with Stoptober.

This year’s campaign is here to get smokers to quit during October. There will be lots of support and advice along the 28 day smoke-free journey, with free resources and help. There is also help beforehand to prepare smokers for managing the quitting process. And with lots of other smokers taking part too you won’t feel alone as you’ll know that others will be going through it.

Smoking damages your body in many ways. From the day-to-day effects on your heart and your breathing, to longer-term smoking-related illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and strokes. Smoke can harm your family's health, too. Visit the Healthy Surrey website to find out more about the effects of smoking and second hand smoke. There is also help and support available locally with Surrey’s Stop Smoking Service run by Quit 51.

So what’s the excuse now? Sign up today at Stoptober.

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