Council secures Partial Closure Order for Caterham Valley property

Tandridge District Council, working with Surrey Police, has been successful in securing a Partial Closure Order for a flat in Tandridge Court, Caterham Valley, in response to ongoing reports of anti-social behaviour. The order obtained at Guildford Magistrates’ Court on Monday 11 September, prevents anyone other than the tenant and her partner from accessing, residing at or visiting the property for one month.

The order reflects the significant impact persistent anti-social behaviour has on the local community and the commitment of the Council and Surrey Police to deal with offenders.

If there is a breach of the order within the first month, an application will be made to the court for the Partial Closure Order to be converted to a Full Closure Order. Should this happen, the tenant and her partner will also be ordered to leave the property. If there has been no breach of the order, the Partial Closure Order will be extended for a further five months. In addition, the Council has obtained a separate court order requiring the occupant to fully surrender the tenancy within six months.

A letter has been circulated to neighbours to inform them of the terms of the order. Council officers and Surrey Police will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure the tenant complies with all requirements.

Councillor David Weightman, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said: “We are pleased with the decision of the court and we hope this sends a strong message that the Council takes all reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously. The Council working alongside Surrey Police will pursue every avenue open to us to deal with such cases as we are committed to protecting the quality of life of all our residents.”

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