If you suspect fraud

If you think fraud is being committed call 0845 0340811

You can use this number to report any suspected corruption or financial irregularities, or if you are concerned about the conduct of any council officers in relation to finances. You will have to leave your name, but in the case of genuine reports we will not reveal your identity without your permission. This number is provided by RSM Risk Assurance, our independent auditors.

This number should not be used to report benefit fraud - details about reporting benefit fraud.

We take the threat of fraud and corruption very seriously. We have a range of policies, strategies and plans to help combat and give advice on how to react if fraud is suspected. We aim to adopt best practice, but also appropriate and proportionate measures to prevent and investigate fraud.

Anti-money laundering guidance is given to staff and our terms and conditions of employment include guidance on accepting hospitality and the Council's grievance and disciplinary policies. These are not available to the public.