Making a Subject Access Request

Data protection legislation allows you, the data subject, to gain access to any of your personal information held by us.

You can request copies of your information by contacting us in a variety of ways including verbally, in writing or by social media. You can also use our Subject Access Request form.

When you make a request, we will ask for a copy of your ID to check we are sending your personal data to the right person.  We may ask for one of the following forms of photo ID and a proof of address:

  • Passport.
  • Driving licence.
  • Tenancy agreement.

Once your identity has been verified, we will look at your request and locate your data. We have one calendar month to respond to your request.

We may contact you to request additional information to help us find your information. For example, if you ask for all of the information we hold about you, we may ask you which departments you have dealt with. If you don't give us any more information, we may not be able to provide a full response within the one calendar month deadline. 

Once you receive your information, you may find certain data has been redacted or removed. When we are processing your request, we may need to remove (redact) data if:

  • The data is about someone else.
  • By releasing the data it will cause serious harm to your or someone else’s physical or mental wellbeing.
  • We think giving you the information may stop us from preventing or detecting a crime.

If we have removed any of the data, we will tell you why.

In addition, we will also tell you:

  • Where we received your data from.
  • Why we are processing your data.
  • How long we will store your data, and how we make this decision.
  • The categories of data we are processing.
  • Who we are sharing your data with and why.
  • About your rights to challenge the accuracy of your data, to have it deleted, or to object to its use.
  • About your right to complain to the ICO.

Normally, we will not share your data with any other person. In some situations, you may want someone else to make a subject access request on your behalf. When we receive the request, we will need to see evidence you have given permission for them to do this. This can be done by a signed letter attached to the request. If we are concerned, we may contact you to check you are happy for the release or we may refuse the request in full.

More information

To find out more about the personal information we hold and how we process this data, please visit Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

We have registered our use of personal information at the Information Commissioner's Office. The Information Commissioner's Office oversees the Act. If you would like further information about data protection, please contact the Information Commissioner or e-mail