Hospital Discharge

This page is for the sole use of the Hospital Discharge Coordinators at East Surrey Hospital.

The single point of access (SPA) referral scheme is for patients who are ready to be discharged from East Surrey Hospital, but who will require additional support for them to be able to return home.

The SPA referral scheme operates on Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. It aims to coordinate any additional support needed which will be provided by either district or borough councils, parish councils or volunteer organisations who are providing support during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The referral can include any of the following support:

  • The Handyperson Service - installing grabrails, key safes, moving furniture and other minor works.
  • Arranging for the collection and delivery of prescriptions.
  • Arranging transport from the hospital back home.
  • Welfare support - providing an essential food box when the patient returns home from hospital or someone who can be a telephone friend.
  • Providing advice to the patient on other support available in the community.

The following services are not provided through this scheme:

  • Major adaptions.
  • Installing galvanised external handrails and other equipment usually accessed by the Community Equipment Service.
  • Referrals to Adult Social Care.

Please complete this referral, which we'll forward to the correct local authority, by 5pm on the next working day, for them to arrange the requested support.

If you need to discuss the referral, please contact the relevant council:

We are hosting and coordinating the scheme on behalf of all the listed councils.