Food waste collections

Use your two food waste caddies for your weekly food waste collection service:

  • Keep your small silver food waste caddy inside your house to store food waste.
  • Empty the contents into your larger green animal proof bin with a lockable lid which should be kept outside.

Please leave your locked large green food waste caddy at the front boundary of your property by 6am on your collection day. We will collect your food waste and return the caddy to the edge of your property. Please put your food caddy out every week if possible, even if you don’t have much of it.

To help the crew return your caddy to the correct property please write your house number or name on it.

If your food waste caddy or recycling bin is damaged or stolen please order a replacement on our website.

  • Bread, cakes and pastries.
  • Dairy products.
  • Egg shells.
  • Fish and seafood bones and shells.
  • Food past its use-by-date, food that has gone off.
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings, pips and cores.
  • Meat and bones eg chicken carcasses.
  • Pizza and pasta.
  • Plate scrapings and left over food.
  • Rice and pulses.
  • Tea bags, tea leaves, coffee grounds.
  • Garden waste including cut flowers.
  • Food packaging.
  • Liquids, including tea and coffee.
  • Mice and birds killed by cats/other animals.
  • Oil or liquid fat.
  • Packaging such as egg boxes.

You can place food waste directly into your small silver caddy or you can line it with a plastic or compostable bag or a small amount of newspaper. You can use anything from old shopping bags to bread or salad bags, but not black bin bags or plastic food packaging.

Lining your caddy will help the food dislodge when the collection crew empties your larger green outdoor caddy. They are emptied by turning them upside down and tapping them on the edge of a large collection bin on the vehicle. If this doesn’t remove all the contents from your caddy the crews are not expected to get it out in other ways – you will need to remove the food.

Place the handle of your large outdoor food caddy upright or down at the front to lock it. This will help prevent animals getting to the contents.