The removal of the gasholder is one part of the RegenOxted programme, which will also realise the provision of additional parking, an Urban Redesign project and a hub to encourage the start-up and growth of local businesses, all of which will ensure Oxted remains a vibrant and economically prosperous town for years to come.

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Now work has started on the removal of the gasholder in Oxted, we have compiled a list of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who is doing the demolition work?

The work is being carried out by demolition experts John F Hunt on behalf of St William Homes LLP, the owners of the gasholder site.

How will the gasholder be taken down?

A crane will arrive on the site at the beginning of February to help workers access the top of the frame. The roof and frame of the gasholder will be dismantled piece by piece. During the works the elements being demolished will be contained and collected from within the gasholder.

The demolition of the project is expected to be completed around May 2019, weather permitting.

How many lorries will be visiting the site each day?

On average there will be around five to six lorries visiting the site each day during the demolition period and they will enter and exit the site from the entrance on Station Road East opposite Boots. Traffic marshals will be on hand to protect pedestrians and guide large vehicles in and out. The Council will be notified of any deliveries which halt traffic and will pass this information on to residents and businesses.

The roads will be inspected regularly and any dirt caused by vehicles entering and exiting the sight will be cleared up by the contractor.

What if there is a smell of gas?

There is no longer gas on the gasholder site as all essential gas equipment for Oxted has been relocated. There may be an odour when work begins to remediate the site, but these odours are not gas and are not dangerous. St William is working with environmental consultants and specialists to make sure that at every stage of the demolition and the subsequent works the site, its workers and people living nearby are safe.

Where can I see the plans for the site?

In June 2018 the Council granted St William permission for a planning scheme comprising 111 one, two and three bedroom apartments, with landscaping and car parking. To read more about the scheme visit

What noise can I expect?

It is normal to expect noise from a building site, but residents should be assured that this will be carefully monitored by St William and minimised where possible. The building site will be operational from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and some Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.

How can I keep up with news?

The removal and development of the gasholder is part of the RegenOxted project. To be kept up to date with all news, please sign up for the Council’s RegenOxted e-mail newsletter by visiting

In the case of a question or emergency who should I call?

Ness Kingham is the site manager and community liaison manager for St William and will be based in the Robert Leech offices in Oxted. She can be reached on, or call 07970 812 322. 

This Council's phone line is open for emergencies 24 hours a day 01883 722000. To contact the RegenOxted team about a non-urgent matter, please e-mail

Important note

Please do not attempt to access the site at any time. We will be posting plenty of pictures from the site as the build progresses as we know there is significant public interest in progress, but construction sites can be dangerous and should not be accessed by anyone who is not authorised to be there by St William. This is extremely important for your own safety.

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