Information submitted to the council by site promoters

Site promoters (these are a mix of developers, agents and landowners) have provided some information about the garden village locations. The following information has not been prepared by the Council and is provided for information purposes only. While these are available to view, they are not part of the consultation and have been provided to give you access to the information the Council has received from site promoters.  

Site promoters drop in consultation banners

Blindley Heath

Blindley Heath Illustrative Masterplan
Blindley Heath Vision Document
Blindley Heath Technical Appendix
Blindley Heath A22 Traffic Impact Study
Blindley Heath Feasibility

South Godstone
Area north of South Godstone

Masterplan 1
Masterplan 2
Vision document
South Godstone presentation June 2017
Technical note - Transport Analysis

Area south of South Godstone

South Godstone (South) Vision and Masterplan
South Godstone (South) Representation
South Godstone (South) Garden Village Presentation
Govia meeting
Govia letter
South Godstone (South) Heritage Assessment
South Godstone (South) Feasibility Report

Land West of Edenbridge

Land West of Edenbridge Masterplan
Land West of Edenbridge Presentation
Edenbridge Representation
Heritage Assessment - Land at Edenbridge
Edenbridge - Feasibility Study
Govia letter
Growing Edenbridge



Redhill Aerodrome

Redhill Masterplan
Redhill Aerodrome Presentation
Redhill Representation