Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF)

In 2018/2019, a bid for £57m from the government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF), to help deliver improvements to junction 6 of the M25 and the A22/A264 Felbridge junction, was submitted by Surrey County Council on behalf of Tandridge District Council.

The improvements to these two junctions were discussed as part of the public enquiry regarding the Council’s draft Local Plan: 2033, during October and November 2019, with the HIF forming part of the discussion in relation to the South Godstone Garden Community.

We have been advised the funding will not be made available for the upgrades as part of this funding round. We will be exploring this with the government to understand the details around this decision and seek to apply for future funding.

South Godstone Garden Community was sought for allocation through the Local Plan before the detailed application for the HIF. It is the Regulation 19 version of the Local Plan, consulted on in July 2018, which is before the Planning Inspector for consideration. The viability work for the Plan was not dependent on allocation of HIF funds.

The HIF is an entirely separate process to the Council’s Local Plan examination and was considered a way to help fund improvements to some critical, busy road junctions in the district.

Infrastructure remains at the forefront of our efforts to guide future development and the following documents demonstrate the consideration of infrastructure in preparing the Local Plan:

  • INF10 - Annex to the Tandridge District Strategic Highways Assessment 2018
  • INF11 - Tandridge District Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2018
  • INF12 - Tandridge District Strategic Highway Assessment Mitigation 2018

Together these documents explain the district wide position in terms of significant existing road infrastructure constraints and the wider package of developer funded mitigation measures identified, as discussed during the hearings.

We are waiting for feedback from the Planning Inspector to find out whether he has accepted the Council’s position, evidence and arguments in relation to the Local Plan. We will continue to work with all interested parties to deliver the South Godstone Garden Community.