Local Plan 2033

Examination in Public 2019

Changes to hearing dates

Due to a family bereavement, Inspector Philip Lewis has postponed Week 2 of the formal hearing sessions for Local Plan examination. These hearing sessions had been scheduled to take place 22-24 October 2019 and will be rescheduled to a later date. 

Week 3 of the sessions (w/c 4 November 2019) will still go ahead and the timetable remains unchanged for these sessions. The programme Officer will be issuing further details on this in due course and we’ll confirm the new date on this website as soon as we can.


Our Local Plan: 2033 sets out a new development strategy for the district up to 2033. Our Local Plan will guide key planning decisions and set out policies to direct where development goes. We have developed a plan which:

  • Delivers much needed infrastructure including that associated with the Garden Community. See the infrastructure map.
  • Helps provide affordable housing and homes for all our communities.
  • Preserves the open character of the area and the Green Belt. 
  • Supports local business and attracts inward investment, helping the area thrive and capitalises on our connections with London, Gatwick and the south east.
  • Helps ensure the district remains a place where people want to live, work and visit.

The Local Plan will replace the Council’s planning policies currently set out in the Tandridge District Core Strategy (2008) in full. The suite of development management policies set out in the adopted Local Plan Part 2: Detailed Policies (2014), will also be partially replaced where it is necessary.

Submission of Local Plan and supporting evidence

On Friday 18 January 2019, the Council submitted Our Local Plan: 2033 to the Planning Inspectorate for examination. Included within the submission documents were:

  • Our Local Plan: 2033 (Regulation 22 Submission). 
  • The Proposed Policies Maps.
  • Proposed Modifications to the Plan.
  • The Regulation 22 Statement of Consultation, including copies of all representations received during the consultation carried out as part of Regulation 20, on the plan which took place between 31 July 2018 and 10 September 2018.
  • Statutory Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessments.
  • A Statement of Fact setting out the places where documents can be viewed.
  • Supporting evidence.

You can view all documents submitted as part of Our Local Plan: 2033 on our Examination Library page.  This examination library provides access to all supporting evidence and technical assessments relevant to the submitted Local Plan and is subject to update as part of the process.  

Hard copies of documents are available for a fee and can be ordered by filling in our Contact us form or calling 01883 722000. Documents can be collected from the Council Offices or posted on request (you will need to pay for the postage).

Through the course of the Local Plan examination a range of information will be produced by all parties involved in the hearing sessions, including from the Planning Inspectorate. This information will include hearing dates and agendas and will be published as and when it becomes available and can be found on the Examination Matters and Documents page, which will be updated as the examination progresses. 

The Inspector

A Planning Inspector will be appointed to undertake an independent examination into the Local Plan and further details will be published when available.

The Inspector’s task is to consider the soundness of the submitted Plan, based on the criteria set out in paragraph 182 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012).  

The Inspector will take into account the representations submitted upon the Plan as far as they relate to soundness considerations. 

Following the closure of the Examination, the Inspector will prepare a report to the Council with precise recommendations, these recommendations may include modifications to the Plan.

The Planning Inspectorate has published guidance notes on the examination process to provide further detail on how examination proceedings generally work. Tandridge’s appointed Planning Inspector, Mr Philip Lewis BA Hons MA MRTPI, has also issued specific guidance notes for the local proceedings and should be read by all those wishing to partake in or attend the hearing sessions. The Inspector has also issued Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQ’s), which the Council and interested parties are invited to respond to, ahead of the formal examination hearing sessions. These documents remain in draft and will be subject to change as the Matters progress and at the discretion of the Planning Inspector. Any queries people may have regarding the Examination process should be directed to the Programme Officer. 

The Programme Officer

The Programme Officer, works under the direction of the appointed Planning Inspector and is independent of the Council. The Programme Officer acts as the channel of communication between all parties, including the Council and the Planning Inspector. 

The Programme Officer is an independent Officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspector to organise and manage the administrative and procedural elements of the Examination process. All statements and questions regarding the proceedings are also submitted through the programme officer.

Contact details:

Chris Banks, Programme Officer, C/O Banks Solutions, 64 Lavinia Way, East Preston, West Sussex BN16 1EF.
Tel: 01903 783722, Mob:07817 322750, e-mail: bankssolutionsuk@gmail.com.

The Hearing timetable and venue

The hearings are due to open at 9.30 am on Tuesday 8 October 2019 and will be held at Tandridge District Council Offices, The Council Chamber, 8 Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0BT.

All details regarding times, dates and matters to be discussed at hearing sessions, will be published on the Examination Matters and Documents page when available.