Local Plan 2033

Draft Local Plan consultation documents including factsheets

We are preparing a Local Plan setting out a new development strategy for the district up to 2033.

Our Local Plan will guide key planning decisions and allow local people more control over where development goes. We want a plan which:

  • Delivers much-needed infrastructure.
  • Helps provide urgently needed affordable housing and homes for all our communities.
  • Preserves the open character of the area and the highly valued Green Belt.
  • Supports local business and attracts inward investment, helping the area thrive and capitalise on our connections with London, Gatwick and the southeast.
  • Helps ensure the district remains a place where people want to live, work and visit.

To achieve this the Local Plan will allocate sites for housing, employment and open spaces and set out policies to be used in the assessment of planning applications in the future. The Local Plan will replace the Council’s planning policies currently set out in the Tandridge District Core Strategy (2008) and possibly replace some Detailed Policies where appropriate.

Preparing the Plan and timescales

The Local Plan is prepared following national Policy and legislation (eg National Planning Policy Framework) requirements and will be influenced by the views and needs of our local communities.

As the Local Plan is informed by extensive Evidence base and technical studies, preparing it takes time. The Local development scheme 2018 details the timetable for preparing it and identifies the key points at which we will be asking for comment.