Street markets and boot fairs

If you are considering operating any form of temporary market please contact Customer Services to find out if planning permission is required or has already been issued for the intended location.

By law, if you intend to hold a market or allow land to be used for a market you must give us at least one month's notice. No notice is required if the proceeds are to be solely or principally for charitable, social, sporting or political purposes.

If you do need to tell us, the following information must be included:

  • The full name and address of the person intending to hold the market.
  • The day or days on which it is proposed the market will be held and its proposed opening or closing times.
  • The site on which it is proposed it will be held.
  • The full name and address of the occupier of that site, if they are not the person intending to hold the market.

Any person who fails to give the proper notification will be guilty of an offence.

The expression Temporary Market is defined as "a concourse of buyers or sellers of articles held otherwise than in a building or on a highway, comprising of not less than five stalls, stands, vehicles (whether movable or not) or pitches from which articles sold, but does not include a market or fair that has planning permission or the right to hold was acquired by grant or enactment and any sale by auction of farm livestock or dead stock".

If you intend to go ahead you should also consider the health, safety and welfare requirements of the public and operators. If the public can access the land on which the market will be held without payment, a street trading consent will be required.

If you intend to use fields that have been used for grazing:

  • Keep farm animals off the fields for at least three weeks prior to use.
  • Remove any visible droppings, ideally at the beginning of the three week period.
  • Mow the grass, keep it short and remove the clippings before the fields are used.
  • Keep farm animals off fields during the period/s of use and to achieve ongoing compliance with the minimum three week period.