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Annual register of electors canvass

In change to previous years, all councils including Tandridge District Council, will be carrying out the annual canvass for the Register of Electors from the beginning of October to the end of January 2014.

A change in the regulations means there will also no longer be a qualifying date for people to be living at the property to qualify to register.

Residents are asked to return the form as soon as possible.  If the Council does not get a reply a reminder will be sent in November and if the form has still not been received by the end of November, a canvesser will visit those households to collect the form.

The information from the canvass will be used to update the Electoral Register, which will be next published on 17 February 2014.

If there are no changes to the details on the form, residents can use the free automated telephone response service on 0800 470 4907, the website www.voter-reg.comThis link will open in a new window (This link will open in a new window) or SMS Text on 07826 850246.  If there are any changes, these need to be made on the form, before it is signed and sent back.

Opting out of the edited register

If a person wishes to opt out of appearing in the Edited Register which can be sold then a tick must be entered onto the canvass form where shown against their name in order to request this.

You may also, under data protection legislation, request that the Electoral Registration Officer excludes your name on a permanent basis from the Edited Register.  Each elector needs to complete  a Notice under Data Protection Act 1998 Opt out form individually and send it to the Electoral Registration Officer in order to request that their details are excluded permanently.

Filling in the form

All eligible names must be added or confirmed on the form, but only one member of the household needs to sign or confirm it. The following people need to be included on the canvass form:

  • Anyone living at an address in the district aged 18 or over.
  • British, Irish, European Union or qualifying Commonwealth citizens.
  • Anyone who is 16 or 17 years old, so they are eligible to vote as soon as they reach 18.

By law a response must be made each year, even if there are no changes. If there is not a response or false information is provided, the householder may be liable to a fine of £1,000.

Rolling Registration

After the 17 February 2014 the Electoral Register will be updated every month.  Anyone who moves after the Annual Canvass has taken place can apply to be registered at their new address.  You will need to complete voter registration form.  Once you have done this, please print it off, sign and return to us.  Please read the notes before you fill in the form.


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