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Tandridge District Council

You can search our document library for leaflets, forms, policies and plans. If you know the title of the document you are looking for, you can use the A-Z buttons, alternatively, view documents by topic, or search all documents.

All committee agendas and reports are available on our committee website

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View document library by topic

Document titleFormatFile size
Panic Alarm Procedure3.70 MB
Papa John’s Pizza, 61a Croydon Road, Caterham CR3 6PDPDF0.20 MB
Parish candidiates 2016PDF0.12 MB
Parish Council ClarificationsPDF0.14 MB
Parish Council Spending FormMS Excel0.03 MB
Parish election results 2012PDF0.01 MB
Parish elections results 2016PDF0.02 MB
Park Wood Golf Club, Chestnut Avenue, Westerham TN16 2EGPDF0.16 MB
Parking accounts and parking spaces 2015PDF0.09 MB
Parking Standards SPDPDF0.09 MB
Parks and open spaces0.01 MB
Part P compliance PDF0.16 MB
Pay Policy 2015PDF0.14 MB
Pay scales 2016/17PDF0.03 MB
Payments in Advance- 2015-16MS Excel0.04 MB
Peacock Lodge Eastbourne RoadPDF0.16 MB