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Tandridge District Council

You can search our document library for leaflets, forms, policies and plans. If you know the title of the document you are looking for, you can use the A-Z buttons, alternatively, view documents by topic, or search all documents.

All committee agendas and reports are available on our committee website

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All categories > Housing

Home ownership [4]
Homelessness [3]
Housing advice services [1]
Housing repairs and renovation [2]
Rented housing [3]
Social housing [7]
Temporary accommodation [1]

Document titleFormatFile size
Community Alarm Information LeafletPDF0.50 MB
Community Alarm LeafletPDF0.36 MB
Directory of Community ServicesPDF0.37 MB
East Surrey Housing Market Update 2009PDF0.12 MB
Extra Care Housing Strategy for Eastern SurreyPDF0.43 MB
Meals on Wheels leafletPDF0.36 MB
Private Sector Access Scheme - A Guide for LandlordsPDF0.97 MB
Private Sector Access Scheme - A Guide for TenantsPDF1.27 MB