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23/04/2014Street collection returns 2013 (Updated)
23/04/2014Street collections (Updated)
23/04/2014House to house collections (Updated)
23/04/2014Licensing Act applications (Updated)
23/04/2014KPN Wasp Nest Removal Oxted
23/04/2014Street collection returns 2014
22/04/2014Neighbourhood Planning (Updated)
22/04/2014Marie Curie Urban Design Concept Statement (Updated)
22/04/2014Affordable housing (Updated)
22/04/2014Supplementary planning guidance (Updated)
22/04/2014Local Plan (Updated)
22/04/2014CPD seminars (Updated)
22/04/2014South Ward of the Parish of Oxted By Election (Updated)
22/04/2014Vet on the hill (Updated)
22/04/2014Tandridge Photographic Society - Set Subject Competition (Updated)
22/04/2014Exhibition of Nutfield's 1505 Market Hall in Oil paintings and drawings. (Updated)
22/04/2014Financial plans (Updated)
22/04/2014Martin & Co (Updated)
22/04/2014Turnstyles The Football Barber Shop (Updated)
22/04/2014Lingfield Neighbourhood Plan application
22/04/2014Map of Lingfield proposed Neighbourhood Area
22/04/2014Viligio Amore, 33-35 High Street, Lingfield, RH7 6AA
21/04/2014Cinderhellie Nails
19/04/2014Horne Park Golf Club
18/04/2014The Hive
17/04/2014Recycling, waste, garden waste collection updates (Updated)
17/04/2014Do you qualify for a 25% discount off your water bill? (Updated)
17/04/2014Financial information (Updated)
17/04/2014Edesia Events (Updated)
17/04/2014Blue Notice (Updated)
17/04/2014Surrey Libraries’ Festival for Children - 24 May to 12 July (Updated)
17/04/2014CIL Examination (Updated)
17/04/2014Oxted Residential Land small site viability assessment (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-009 CIL (without) - Harestone Hill 2 units - (28-03-14) Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-011 SunnyBankPlan1Site (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-013 HarestoneHill124Plan4-01RevASite (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-012 Hurst Place Site Plan (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-010 LyndhurstSketch7Site Map (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-008 CIL (with) - Harestone Hill, 2 units - (28-03-14) - Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-007 CIL (without) - Hurst Place 12 units - (28-03-14) - Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-006 CIL (with) - Hurst Place, 12 units - (28-03-14) - Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-005 CIL (without) - Sunny Bank, 2 units - (28-03-14) - Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-004 CIL (with) - Sunny Bank, 2 units - (28-03-14) - Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-003 CIL (without) - Newchapel Road, 4 units - (28-03-14) - Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-9-002 CIL (with) - Newchapel Road, 4 units - (28-03-14) - Development Appraisal (Updated)
17/04/2014Audit (Updated)
17/04/2014Viligio Amore (Updated)
17/04/2014TDC ED-10 Response to Oxted Residential Land viability assessments (Updated)
17/04/2014TDC ED-09 Response to ID-05 (Updated)
17/04/2014REP-009-001 Oxted Residential Landsmall sites viability report (Updated)
17/04/2014Website survey 1 September 2013 to 28 February 2014 (Updated)