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Land charges

Our local land charges service provides a search of the Council's records about a particular property. These searches will show if there are any restrictions or conditions on the land. These searches are needed when a property is changing hands and are usually done by solicitors on behalf of purchasers, although individuals can carry out their own searches.

Searches are submitted to us and replies will include information about the planning history of a site, enforcement action and highways information. Our planning history dates back to 1948. All searches are covered by the Council’s indemnity insurance. 

Types of search

There are two types of search:

1. Official Local Authority searches - these are carried out by the Council and will be made up of responses to LLC1, Con29R and Con29O enquiries, depending what the request is. These cover planning, environmental, financial or highway restrictions on property or land, as well as property history, building regulations, nearby road and traffic schemes, contaminated land, location of pipelines, public footpath and parking.

2. Personal Searches - these are carried out by individuals who request to inspect the Local Land Charges register and other publicly available registers to compile responses to Con29 questions. 

Requesting a search  

You can order and pay for an online search using the search form.

We also accept searches electronically via the National Land Information Service and TM Group, or by e-mail to land charges.

We aim to return all searches within two working days.


Please visit our fees page.

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