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Please enter your postcode in the box below, including the space, ie RH8 0BT, and click the search button.

Do you provide food? *

I confirm that I am not providing food as part of my childminding activities other than:

  1. Provide mains drinking water.
  2. Provide crockery and cutlery for use by children to eat their own packed lunches.
  3. Provide chilled storage for packed lunches that belong to the children.
  4. Provide occasional assistance to children with cutting up their own food in response to individual need rather than as an established service.
  5. Occasionally provide food that is not part of the normal service.  (Examples are, a cake to celebrate a child’s birthday or provision of food where a parent/guardian is delayed.)
  6. Operating in the child's own home and serving food that belongs to the child's parent/guardian e.g. nannies or home child carers.
Please tick box to agree with the above statement: *

Type of food provided?
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Day(s) operating
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