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I'm a leaseholder, what parts of my property does the Council legally own and have to maintain?

We are responsible for keeping in good repair:

The structure and exterior of your home, which includes:

  • Foundations, external walls, roofs and chimney stacks.
  • Drains, gutters and rainwater pipes.
  • Outside doors, window sills and frames.
  • Garages, brick sheds and storage areas

Repairs to communal areas

  • Shared entrances, halls, stairways and passages.
  • Communal lighting.
  • Communal laundry equipment.
  • Lifts, rubbish chutes and lighting.
  • Entrance paths, steps, handrails and paved patios if we have provided them.
  • Shared washing lines
  • Entry phones, fire alarms, shared TV aerials and smoke detectors in shared areas.

Decoration to the outside of your home and to communal areas.


We will make good any areas disturbed or damaged as a result of carrying out repairs.

For further information please go to Information for leaseholders on our website.

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