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Do I need planning permission for a crossover or access?

For any works to form or alter a vehicular or pedestrian access to a road including a dropped kerb Tandridge District Council and Surrey County Council may both need to be involved.

You will need planning permission from Tandridge District Council if the proposal is on an A, B or C class road.

For all other roads please email setting out where the dropped kerb would be, how large it would be and whether you will be carrying out any other works, such as erecting fences or gates, laying a hardstanding or enlarging your driveway. Once we have this information, we will write to you confirming whether or not planning permission is required.

Irrespective of the need for planning permission, any works to a Public Highway such as altering the verge or pavement or providing a dropped kerb will require a separate Crossover Licence from the County Highway Authority. Details can be obtained from Surrey Road and Transport service by visiting They will expect confirmation in writing that either planning permission is not required or that planning permission has been obtained from the Council. Therefore you will need to check in writing with the Planning Department here before proceeding.

Alterations to access arrangements to commercial and other non-domestic premises will almost certainly require planning permission.

Planning permission is generally not required for hard surfaces within the garden of a dwelling, except in the area between the front elevation and the highway.

Permission is not required if the area does not exceed 5 square metres in size. If the area is over this size limit, the surface must let water drain or have a soak-away drain or other area, such as a flower bed, that allows water to drain through. Water cannot be directed to run into the road.

If you think you need planning permission for your dropped kerb or hard surface, please:

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