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How else can I get involved?

Authorised planning officers consider and make the decisions on most planning applications received by the Council, even if they are the subject of objections by the public or other bodies.

If you wish an application to be referred to the Council's Planning Committee your should contact your local Councillor to discuss the matter further. Sending an application to Committee remains at the discretion of the Chief Planning Officer in consultation with the Chairman of the Committee. Find your local Councillors.

The Planning Committee usually meets every four weeks at the Council Offices at Oxted and you are welcome to attend. The Council operates a scheme of public speaking at the Committee. If the application is referred to Committee for determination there will be an opportunity for an objector, a representative of the parish or village council and the applicant or his agent to address the Committee for three minutes prior to the debate and any decision-making by Members. In the event that more than one objector wishes to speak, a single representative will normally be sought to speak for all.

It may sometimes be necessary to defer consideration of an application but it will not be possible to advise those interested beforehand. If this happens there will be a further opportunity to attend and speak when the application is brought back to Committee.  It is recommended that the Council's web site is checked prior to travelling to the Council offices for a Committee meeting.

All comments received on applications referred to Committee are summarised within the agenda reports.


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