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What can I do if I am involved in a dispute about a blocked private drain/sewer?

The responsibility for the repair and maintenance of a private sewer up to and including its connection with a public sewer lies with the owner or occupiers of premises using it. When there is a blockage or defect in the sewer, all the premises upstream of the problem are responsible for remedying it and the costs should be shared equally between them.

If the persons responsible for removing the blockage or repairing the drain or sewer do not remedy the problem, the Council has powers they can use to require the owners or occupiers to carry out the works. This takes the form of a formal legal notice which would specifies the work(s) required and the time-scale. If the conditions of that Notice are not met, the Council could carry out the works in default and recover all its costs, including its administrative charges, from the responsible parties. The Council may also prosecute for non-compliance with the notice.

For further information, you should contact Environmental Health on 01883 732841.


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