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To report flytipping in progress call Surrey Police on 999.

In other cases:

  • Report it promptly to us online using our flytipping report form.
  • Call us, in confidence, on 01883 722000.
  • Call the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 if there is a serious pollution risk or a major incident.
  • Report it to Surrey County Council if the fly-tipping is blocking a road.

Flytipping is a crime. See it, report it.

Appeals for information

Don't turn a blind eye; a reward of up to £500 is offered by the Council to anyone who provides information which leads to a successful prosecution for flytipping.

Flytipping – the law and your responsibilities

Flytipping – the illegal dumping of waste – is a crime punishable by fines of up to £50,000 in Magistrates Courts or unlimited amounts in Higher Courts and prison sentences of up to five years.

Flytipping can cause pollution and harm the environment, human health, animals and wildlife. It is also expensive to clear up and is an ongoing problem to landowners and farmers. We are committed to cutting the impact of fly-tipping, working with landowners to identify offenders and will prosecute where appropriate.

We deal promptly with flytipped material on our land or highways and provide advice to landowners affected by flytipping.

Your responsibilities

Anyone who removes waste from your property must be registered to do so – you can check if a waste carrier is registered online. Our waste enforcement officer can also give you advice.

Do not pass waste to anyone not registered: if it is later found flytipped you will be deemed to have committed an offence.

Garden waste

Flytipping includes dumping garden waste anywhere, including in hedgerows and woodlands. If you have garden waste to dispose of please consider:

Is there a reward for information on flytipping?

Yes, Tandridge District Council offers a reward of up to £500 for information which leads to a successful prosecution in cases of flytipping.

Is the Council responsible for clearing all flytipping?

The Council has a responsibility to clear flytipped waste from public areas under its control, and to locate and prosecute the offenders. We endeavour to remove the waste as quickly as possible.

Waste dumped on private land is the responsibility of the landowner and in certain circumstances the landowner can be made to clear away the rubbish.

Why bother to report flytipping on private land?

The Council may be able to advise on the most cost effective method of disposal, and in some cases assist with removal. Being able to assess the number and location of incidents of flytipping allows us to direct our enforcement action and to advise other enforcement agencies such as the Police and the Environment Agency. Tandridge District Council will take the lead role in investigating flytipping and other waste related offences, and if a successful prosecution is brought it may be possible to obtain costs on behalf of the landowner.

What is the Council doing about flytipping?

The Council has a variety of initiatives to address this problem, including erecting warning signs at 'hot-spots' and clearing flytips as speedily as possible. A reward scheme is operated to encourage witnesses to come forward. The Council also promotes a number of services to help householders dispose of their waste correctly. A full time enforcement officer co-ordinates clearance and actively seeks evidence to bring prosecutions against offenders. CCTV may be used to gather further evidence where there is a continuing problem. We are promoting closer working practice with Surrey Police and the Environment Agency as well as neighbouring councils and Police forces. Recently our enforcement officer has been conducting roadside checks with Police and advising waste carriers of their obligations. Businesses are offered advice on trade waste disposal and some spot checks are conducted to ensure appropriate disposal of trade waste.

Should I examine the flytip rubbish before the Council's investigating officer arrives?

No thank you, the flytip needs to be left undisturbed so the investigating officer can obtain evidence. There may also be hazardous material in waste.

Do you deal with the illegal storage or disposal of waste on private land?

Illegal waste sites that store or burn waste should be reported to the Environment Agency on their incident hotline 03708 506 506.

What should I do to make sure my waste is disposed of correctly?

If you are having any work carried out at your home, please check the person disposing of the waste has a waste carriers licence. If they don't, the chances are the rubbish will be dumped down one of Tandridge's green and leafy lanes and you could be liable and even be fined for not passing your waste on to an authorised person. When waste is passed from one person to another, a written description of that waste and details of the transfer must be made.

Make sure you get a copy to show you have acted correctly. Contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 and ask for a Waste Carrier Validation Check. You can also do this on the website