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Dead animal removal

We are responsible for removing certain dead animals from the road including cats, dogs, badgers, foxes and larger animals such as deer. These will be removed within 48 hours of being reported.

Removal of smaller animals including squirrels and rabbits is dealt with through scheduled street cleaning.

To report a dead animal on a public road please email or call us on 01883 722000.

Landowners must deal with dead animals on private land.

What happens when you find a dead domestic animal in the road?

If someone reports a dead domestic animal in the road then our street sweeping department will go along to collect it and they will scan the animal for a micro chip. If the animal has a micro chip it will give a reference number which they can use to find the owners contact details and then they will sadly pass on the news.

Our street sweeping department keep a list of missing pets locally and will contact the owners if they find them. They will also help anyone that does call asking about their animal in case it hasn't been micro chipped and they may have unfortunately already found it.