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Action Surrey logo What can I do about climate change?

Action Surrey is a county wide impartial energy advice centre, working with local councils across Surrey to help homeowners, schools and businesses save money on their energy bills, keep warm and reduce their environmental impact.

Through Action Surrey, residents can benefit from access to a network of trusted, local and experienced installers who can install insulation, replace boilers and are experts in solar and other microgeneration technology.

By asking a series of simple questions about your household and personal circumstances, Action Surrey will be able to access whether you qualify for any grants or other finance that may be available to help with the costs of installing energy improvements.

Call 0800 783 2503, e-mail, or join Action Surrey to receive newsletters, updates on new government funding and grants and other useful information to help you stay warm and energy efficient.

Action Surrey is managed by Thameswey Sustainable Communities Ltd, which is wholly owned by Woking Borough Council.

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I am a resident:

  • You can borrow a free energy monitor from your local Surrey Library through the Home Energy Monitors scheme to be aware of how much energy your domestic appliances are using.
  • Act On CO2 has ideas on how you can reduce your energy use, cut your carbon emissions and save money.
  • The Energy Saving Trust has information on grants available to householders for home insulation, energy saving products and home energy generation.
  • Carbon Footprint will enable you to estimate your carbon footprint, make you aware of the choices you have in your energy use and lifestyle and help you find ways to reduce your impact on the environment.
  • The Council has a number of recycling schemes to help with household recycling. Among many other benefits, using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses much less energy, than needed for producing new products from raw materials.
  • Find ways to reduce your carbon emissions.

Tradesman fits insulation in attic

I am a business: