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Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned car

At one time over 500 abandoned vehicles were dumped in Tandridge every year. Now, due to the increase in scrap metal values and other initiatives, the figure stands at approximately 20 per year.

Abandoned vehicles can be dangerous, especially if they are burnt out. They are also an eyesore, cause pollution and can be a nuisance when parked on the road. It is an offence to abandon a vehicle and doing so may result in a fine of up to £2500 upon summary conviction, plus the costs of the removal, disposal and any storage of the vehicle.

If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned because of its condition or appearance, or the fact that it has not been moved for some weeks, please check if the vehicle has a valid tax disc. If it does then we are unlikely to be able to treat it as abandoned.

Report an abandoned vehicle form.

Frequently asked questions about abandoned and unwanted vehicles.