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Get a licensed taxi

We license all taxis (hackney carriages) and private hire vehicles (mini cabs) operating in Tandridge. So if you need a taxi in this area, check that it has a license plate issued by us. Here are a few simple steps to help keep you safe when using a cab.

London Taxis

  • Check your driver is wearing an identification badge we have issued; it will show a number and a photographer of the driver.
  • Pre book a cab or taxi whenever possible.
  • Don't give the driver your name - ask them who they are collecting.
  • Always sit in the back of the vehicle.
  • All doors should remain unlocked when the taxi is carrying passengers.
  • Carry your mobile phone in your hand, so you can easily use it if you need to.
  • If you are at all suspicious, don't get in and make a note of the number plate.

Don’t use a cab if:

  • There are no taxi signs on the roof or licence plate.
  • You can't see an identification badge.
  • The driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol.
  • The driver does not seem to know the local area.
  • The vehicle seems to be too old for use as a cab.
  • The vehicle is in poor condition.

For a reminder of what to look for read our Taxi Safe leaflet.

The difference between taxis and private hire vehicles (mini cabs)

Taxis can be hired immediately – from a taxi rank, by hailing one on the street or by pre-booking. Private hire vehicles (mini cabs) can only collect passengers who have pre-booked with a licensed operator. Both types of vehicle and their drivers must be licensed to make sure they meet legal requirements.

Taxis can be hailed in the street or use a taxi rank. Taxis can also be pre-booked. Private hire vehicles can only be pre-booked – they cannot use taxi ranks nor should you hail one in the street.

Where to get a taxi

In Tandridge taxi ranks can be found at:

  • Station Road East, Oxted.
  • Station Road West, Oxted.
  • Station Road, Lingfield.
  • Station Approach, Warlingham.
  • Station Road, Caterham.
  • Harestone Valley Road, Caterham.

Report or complain about a taxi/private hire vehicle

If you have information about an unlicensed taxi please report it online, call us on 01883 732775 or report it anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.